Abdul Jabbar Abdullah
Abdul Jabbar Abdullah
A.U.B., B.A. 1934
M.I.T., Sc.D., 1946


Teaching and Research Experience

  • Teacher of physics and math., secondary schools of Iraq, 1934-1937, and 194l-1944
  • Assistant Meteorological Officer, Bassrah Airport, Iraq, 1937-1941
  • Research Associate, then instructor, M.I.T., 1946-1948
  • Assistant Professor, M.I.T. 1948-1949
  • Professor and Chairman, Dept, of Physics, Higher Teachers College, Baghdad, Iraq, 1949-1952
  • Visiting Scholar, New York University, 1952-1954
  • Visiting Research Professor, New York University, 1954-1955
  • Chairman, Department of Physics, Higher Teachers College, Baghdad, 1955-1958


Administration and Education Experience

  • Secretary General, University of Baghdad, 1958-1959 President, University of Baghdad, 1959-1963
  • Senior Visiting Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1965-1966



  • Iraq Government Scholarship, 1930-1934
  • U.S.A. State Dept. Scholarship, 1944-1946
  • M.I.T. Scholarship, 1945-1946
  • Invited Lecturer, A.M.S., Visiting Foreign Scientists Program, February-April, 1961



  • Sigma Xi, M.I.T. Chapter
  • American Met. Soc.
  • American Geophys. Union
  • Royal Mat, Soc;
  • American Association for Advancement of Science
  • Internl. Geophys. and Geodesy
  • Internl. Limnology
  • Phys. and Math. Soc. of Iraq



  • Arabic, Mother language
  • English, Reading, writing, and speaking
  • French, Reading
  • German, Reading



Books, (Arabic)

  • A Text Book of Physics for Secondary Schools, 2 vols., Baghdad, 1947, and revised 1953. Co Author.
  • A Glossary of Meteorology, Baghdad, 1942.
  • Measurement of Upper Winds, Baghdad, 1943*
  • Theory of Sound-A Text Book for College Students, Baghdad, 1955.
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Translated from English with Additional Appendix, Baghdad, 1962.


Articles (English)

  • Group Velocity of Atmospheric Waves, Sc.D. Thesis, M.I.T., 1946.
  • Billow Groups, Annals of the New York Acad, of Science, Vol. 48, 1947, p 744.
  • Wave Motion at the Surface of a Current Which Has an Exponential Distribution of Vorticity, Annals of the New York Acad, of Science, vol. 49, 1948, p 469.
  • A Problem in the Rotation of Fluids; Bull. A.M.S., vol. 28, 1948, p 469.
  • On the Wave Theory of Cyclones; Bull. A.M.S., vol. 29, 1948, p 284. Cyclogenesis by a Purely Mechanical Process; Jour, of Met., vol. 6, p 86, 1949.
  • Effect of Friction on Atmospheric Disturbances; Bull. A.M.S., vol. 30, 1949.
  • The Band-Like Structure of Hurricanes; Bull. A.M.S., vol. 34, 1953, p 86.
  • A Proposed Mechanism of Squall Lines, The Pressure Jump Line; Jour, of Met., vol. 10, 1953, P 298.
  • A Note on the Periodicity of Some Frontal Precipitation, Jour, of Met., vol. 10, 1953, p 228.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane, New York University Met. Papers, vol. 2, No. 2, Part I, 1953.
  • The Vibrations of the Hurricane; NYU Papers, Vol 2, No. 2, Part II, 1953
  • A Note on the Tilted. Trough Model, J. Met., vol. 11, 1954, p 249.
  • A Proposed Mechanism for the Development of the Eye of a Hurricane, Jour. Met., vol. 11, 1954, p 189.
  • The Meridional Growth of a Squall Line, Jour. Met., vol. 11, 1954, p 301.
  • Some Aspects of the Dynamics of Tornadoes, Month. Weather Rev., vol. 83, 1955, p 83.
  • The Atmospheric Solitary Wave, Bull. A.M.S., vol. 36, p 511. 1955.
  • A Severe Duststorm in Iraq, Beitrage zur Physik der Atmosphere, vol. 29, 1956, p 21.
  • A Note on the Atmospheric Solitary Wave, Jour, of Met., vol. 13, 1956, p 381.
  • The Rate of Transport of Mechanical Energy by Waves of the Westerlies, Proc. of the Iraqi Sc. Soc., no. 1, 1957, page 20
  • The Atmospheric Breakers, First Scientific Congress of the University of Baghdad, 1961.
  • Head-on-Collision Between Two Pressure Jumps, Jour, of Geophys. Res., vol 71, 1966, p 1953.
  • The Musical Sound Emitted by a Tornado, Mon. Weath. Rev., vol. 9b, 1966, p 213.
  • The Spiral Bands of a Hurricane-a Possible Dynamic Explanation, Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, vol. 23, 1966, p 367*
  • A Note on the Square Cloud, Jour, of Atmos. Sci., vol. 23, 1966, p 445.
  • The Stratification of Cloud Layers in a Stable Atmosphere.
  • Waves of Finite Amplitude in a Stratified Incompressible Atmosphere- A Quasi-Characteristic Method.
  • The Pre-Warm Front Pressure Jumps.


Other Publications

  • Editor-in-chief, Proc. of Iraqi Sci. See., 1957-1962


  • Iraq photos
  • USA photos
  • Lebanon photos
Despite his many travels, Dr. Abdullah lived most of his life in Iraq. The photos here represent different time periods including those from 1958-1963 when he was president of Baghdad University. Read More
Dr. Abdullah spent many years in the United States, particularly 1944-1946, 1947-1949, 1952-1955 and 1965 until his death in 1969. Read More
Dr. Abdullah studied at the American University of Beirut between 1930-1934. He also returned to Lebanon several times in subsequent years. Read More

Facts & Fallacies This section dispels misconceptions

  • Date of Birth +

    Date of Birth

    There is some confusion regarding the true birth date of Dr. Abdullah with some claiming it is 1911 and others 1912. His official Ottoman birth certificate, as well as other official documents, list his birth date as 1911 without specifying the day or month. But according to his own estimates based on his family’s recollections, Dr. Abdullah believed that his birth date was the 14th of November 1913.

  • Dr. Abdullah & Albert Einstein +

    Dr. Abdullah & Albert Einstein

    There is a widespread misconception concerning Dr. Abdullah’s doctoral supervisor with some believing that he was a student of Albert Einstein. This is incorrect as his supervisor was the noted MIT professor of Meteorology, Bernard Horwitz. Einstein, as is well known, was a specialist in Theoretical Physics, while Dr. Abdullah studied Meteorology. Einstein was a professor at Princeton University, while Dr. Abdullah studied at MIT. The two never met.

  • Einstein's pen +

    Einstein's pen

    There is a story related to the one above that Einstein gave Dr. Abdullah a pen as a gift which was then stolen from him after he was arrested by the Ba‘thists in 1963. There is no truth to this story.

  • Dr. Abdullah & Truman's medal +

    Dr. Abdullah & Truman's medal

    There is a false claim that US President Truman gave Dr. Abdullah a medal in recognition of his scientific achievements. Dr. Abdullah received numerous accolades but none from a US president.

  • The arrest of Dr. Abdullah in 1963 +

    The arrest of Dr. Abdullah in 1963

    There are various erroneous accounts of how Dr. Abdullah was arrested after the Ba’thist coup of 1963. The truth is that an army convoy came to his residence in the morning of February 9th. No one entered the house as they waited in the street at the outside gate while he changed. He was allowed to get ready and walk out to them himself without anyone setting a hand on him. This, of course, is not to absolve that regime from his subsequent maltreatment while he was in prison.

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